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Our Consignment Services

Blackbeard Auctions Inc. provides a clear and transparent consignment process for clients. We specialize in trading cards, comics, wax, sports memorabilia, and other collectibles,  using online auctions. Our consignment process is built on transparency, effective communication, promotion and reach, robust online platform, and a commitment to sourcing high-quality and authentic items. We strive to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for both consignors and bidders, ensuring successful auctions and satisfied participants.

Past Auctions

Our 4-Step Consignment Process

Consignment Fees & Payout Rates

Our consignment services offer competitive rates, and our fees encompass various aspects of the process. These fees include listing fees, shipping and handling costs, shipping materials, taxes, and dispute claims.

If you possess valuable or collectible items that do not meet the criteria outlined in the attached schedules, please reach out to us for an evaluation and a personalized quote. We understand that certain items may not fit within the specified guidelines, and we are open to assessing their value and discussing potential consignment options with you.

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Consignment Submission Standards
for Cards, Comics, & Wax

Blackbeard Auctions Inc. has implemented strict consignment submission standards to enhance the consignment experience for all parties involved. Our auction house only accepts items that meet specific criteria:

  1. Graded Cards: We accept cards that have been professionally graded by reputable grading companies such as PSA, SGC, BGS/BVG/BCCG, KSA, TAG, and CGC.

  2. Raw Cards: We accept raw cards cards that have estimated values over $50 CDN. We will also accept small lots up to 5 raw cards that have estimated values over $75 CDN.  Top loaders must be in good condition and cards in soft sleeve.

  3. Graded Comics: We accept graded comics that have been certified by CGC and CBCS.

  4. Comics: We accept individual comics that have estimated values over $50 CDN. Please contact us for a bulk comic lot quote.

  5. Wax Boxes, Cases, and Factory Sets: These items must be factory sealed.

  6. All items shipped must be securely pacakged and shipped with care.

Please note that we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse any item that shows evidence of tampering or alteration. This is to maintain the integrity of our auctions and ensure that all items are genuine and in their original condition.These consignment submission standards are in place to uphold the quality and authenticity of the items being auctioned, ensuring a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

If you are unsure whether your item meets our consignment submission standards, please contact us before shipping the item. Our team will be happy to assist you and provide clarification.


Terms and Conditions

As part of the submission process to Blackbeard Auctions Inc., consignors are required to read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to these terms, customers acknowledge their commitment to abide by the Agreement and acknowledge that Blackbeard Auctions entitled to rely upon and benefit from this Agreement. This ensures a mutual understanding and agreement between Blackbeard Auctions Inc. and its consignors throughout the consignment process.


All terms and conditions are subject to change.


At Blackbeard Auctions Inc, we retain the authority to reject the auctioning of any item that exhibits signs of tampering, alteration, questionable authenticity, or any other factor based on our own judgment and discretion. The consignor is responsible for return shipping.


All items that conclude their auction without receiving any bids will become the property of Blackbeard Auctions Inc.


Upon consignment, the item will be added to the queue for our upcoming weekly auction. However, we reserve the right to reschedule a consignment for a subsequent week’s auction. Time slot of auctions to be determined by Blackbeard Auctions Inc.


Cancelled or unpaid orders will be relisted in a subsequent auction at our discretion.


Blackbeard Auctions Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage incurred to items while they are not under the custody or control of Blackbeard Auctions Inc.


Blackbeard Auctions Inc. will handle consigned items with above reasonable care. In the event we determine that a consignor’s item has been lost or damaged while in our possession, the consignor will be compensated based on the fair market value of the item, as determined by Blackbeard Auctions Inc. This may involve filing a claim with their insurance carrier. It is important to note that the declared value provided by the consignor is solely for estimating insurance coverage and the fair market value of the item may be lower than the declared value.


If you have an item of significant value that you believe deserves special marketing attention, we encourage you to inform us when submitting the item for consignment.


We aim to settle all consignments within a maximum of 14 days after the auction concludes. However, in most cases, we strive to exceed this standard. In our experience, offering bidders flexibility in payment leads to more and higher bids, which ultimately benefits both the consignor and our auction platform.


In the event an error is discovered in the listing of an item, we will cancel the listing and relist it in the next available auction. This ensures that the item is accurately represented to potential bidders and maintains the integrity of our auction process.


Consignors are responsible for reviewing their auction listings and reporting any errors or omissions they may find. It is important to note that Blackbeard Auctions Inc. holds no liability for errors or omissions discovered after the auction has concluded, even if the consigned item sold below its fair market value. It is the consignor's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the listing and to report any issues prior to the auction's conclusion.

Additional fees may apply at the discretion of Blackbeard Auctions Inc. if new supplies is required. Ex. Order required new top loaders for shipping.


All consignment items will be listed on our ebay account “blackbeardauctions” with a starting bid of $0.99 CDN.

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