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While consignment is generally a great method to sell collectible items, there are scenarios where a direct sale may be more suitable. Some situations that may be better for a direct sale include:

  1. Time-sensitive situations: If you need to sell your items quickly, consignment may not be the best option. Consignment sales can take time as the consignee needs to find a buyer and complete the transaction. If you have a time constraint, a direct sale may be more convenient.

  2. Limited market demand: If there is limited demand for your items in the consignment market, it may be challenging to find a consignee who is willing to take them. In such cases, selling directly to us may be a more viable option.

  3. High storage or transportation costs: If the items you want to sell require expensive storage or transportation, consignment may not be cost-effective. With consignment, you may have to bear these costs until the items are sold. Selling directly to us can help you avoid these additional expenses.

  4. Unorganized collections: Collections that are not organized can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to process and catalogue. These lots will require significant administrative overhead and detailed paperwork, which could result in longer processing times and delays in cash payments to the consignor. In such cases, the administrative effort required to handle unorganized collections can increase the consignment fee quote to an undesirable level. 


In these scenarios, a direct sale to us may provide a more convenient and efficient solution. We can assess the items and make a fair offer based on their value and condition, allowing for a smoother and quicker transaction.

Do you have direct sale items? 

If you said YES, we would appreciate the opportunity to assess your items and provide you with a more than fair offer. Please provide us with more information about your collection, including the type of items, their condition, and any relevant details. You can reach out to us through our contact information, and we will be in touch to discuss the evaluation process further.

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